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Give people a better experience getting in touch with you.
Letterbird makes it fast and easy for anyone to get a well-designed, good ol’ fashioned email contact form.

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Is that it? Just an email contact form?

Yup, that’s it. You give us your name and email, and we give you a contact form at a URL on the internet. It only takes a few seconds to get going. Simple is the name of the game here.

Why did you build this?

Because getting a contact form on the web today is so difficult — you either have to make a whole website on some complex and expensive platform, or build a form yourself. No thanks. We wanted something simpler. This is our speed. Maybe it’s yours, too?

But I could just give people my email address instead…

That’s not a question, but sure, you could if you want. Here’s some reasons you might prefer to use Letterbird though:

  • You don’t want your personal email out on the internet for spammers to find (and spam)
  • You want to give people contacting you a nicer, personally branded user experience
  • You want to use it as a support form for your activity or business (like we do)

Can I embed my Letterbird form on my website?

Yup! All Letterbird accounts can embed their form on another website. We offer a simple script for this that makes it as easy as copy→paste.

How is this free? What’s the catch?

No catch. You really can get a simple, personalized, and embeddable contact form on Letterbird for free, but we do offer a paid subscription that unlocks some additional features. For $3/month or $25/year (25% off), our Pro plan lets you remove Letterbird’s branding, accept email attachments, and customize your form’s CSS to your heart’s content. We have some more paid (and fun) features in the works too, stay tuned!

Who are you?

We’re Good Enough: nice people who make nice stuff for the web. Some of us are dads, one of us has a dog , and most of us are decent people who just want a contact form without all the hassle.

What if I have another question or idea for a new feature?

Email us! We’d love to hear it. We’re also on Mastodon, which is like Twitter but an elephant instead of a bird, and Threads, which is new.

Ready to fly?

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